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I know plenty of brides-to-be get excited about colour schemes and attention to detail – as do I, of course!

These are the types who might be considering a wedding cake to match their bridal gown. (It’s ALL about the detail when it comes to planning the big day.)

The growing demand for dress-inspired cakes was one of the themes of this year’s Cake International – the world’s biggest sugarcraft exhibition.

The annual, three-day event at Birmingham’s NEC hosted a sumptuous array of spectacular wedding cakes, all inspired by my dresses. I was incredibly flattered to be chosen as the featured designer.

Forty cake artists from around the world were handpicked to collaborate on the weddings feature named after ‘The Posh Frock Shop’. (For those of you who didn’t see it, this was Channel 4’s 25-part series about my flagship London store, The Blewcoat).

Cakes were transported from across the UK and as far afield as South Africa and Australia.

There were sugarcrafted interpretations of my Bridal and Occasion Wear gowns, intricate floral displays and recreated scenes from ‘The Posh Frock Shop’. (Who could forget the dog bride who had a £20k wedding?!)

There was even a life-sized, chocolate version of me, which was surreal to say the least.

The idea for the feature came from Mish Pattinson of VS Cakes who believed that my flamboyant styling and use of colour would transpose into stunning wedding cakes. And she was absolutely right; the end result way surpassed all of my expectations.

Mish brought together a team of international cake artists, many of whom came to spend the day with us at The Blewcoat to get ideas and inspiration. Each of them chose a different gown to theme their cake on.

I still can’t get my head round how these delicate, sugarcrafted creations were transported from as far as Sydney. This wonderful, warm-hearted and super-talented team somehow made it happen.

I travelled to Birmingham to meet them in person and was staggered by the time and talent that went into these awe-inspiring cakes. You would not believe the detail!

The feature showed how couples can colour co-ordinate every last detail of their nuptials, including the all important cake. It seems that plain white wedding cakes in Royal icing are a thing of the past.

I always say that seeing Flowerbomb on display at the V&A in London was one of the highpoints of my career. Seeing sugar versions of my designs is now up there too.

We had such a fun, memorable day at Cake International and I was both flattered and humbled by the display. Hats off to all the artists involved.

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