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What was the inspiration for this dress?

I noticed a growing trend for revealing wedding dresses. My dress have a lot of structure and support inside because I want brides of all figure shapes to be able to wear the design they fall in love with. So I wanted to create something that had a low back and front with full support enabling a bride who needs support, but wants the sultry, sexy, slinky, low-cut look, to wear with confidence.
Charlotte_fashion showAny interesting stories?

The model, Charlotte who wore Jagger in our runway show embodied the sexy, fun-loving spirit of this dress perfectly. Here she is wearing it before, on and off stage!
The jaggersHow did it get its name?

We felt like this was a bit of a party girl dress, but still with an immense amount for grace and style, so we names it after a family who instantly came to mind.

Style tip: Big sparkly earrings!

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